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Possible keep defense in the late evening will slow portal traffic to a crawl, but it will pick up again in early morning. Also, Stor Gothi Annark reports that one of his Gothi called in sick this morning, which may cause some delays.

Dwarf Claims to Have "Logged Out of Body" Experience

Vasudheim dwarf Durgan Hammerswing claims that he recently had a supernatural experience, in which he "logged out" of his body and connected with a strange other world.

Traveler to another world? Dwarf describes bizarre experience

Mantle of Fabulosity Threatens Stability of Mob Ecosystem
Sparhath, a powerful Norseman Warrior, recently discovered a magic item so powerful it may upset the balance of life in Midgard and disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the realm's creatures.

Hibernian Caster Killed With Axe
If true, watershed event would confirm long-held theory: Hibernian mages can, in fact, be killed in hand-to-hand combat.

Bindstone Staff to Public: "Mind Where You Bind"
Local citizens and merchants have had enough of our soldiers binding on roofs, in stables, and on top of our sacred bindstones.


Dood, Can I Have Some Gold Plz?
I keep getting killed I think cuz my sword sucks. It says training sword, can that kill the dragon? also I want to kill the hibs and those firey weapons are really cool!!! HEY! HELLO?

Local Choreographer Developing New Dance Emotes

A Jordheim dance instructor is working to develop a series of new dance emotes designed to help free the Norse soul.

Woman Claims to Be Stalked By Ghosts

Terrified Fort Alta resident Lillin Grønsakker believes she is being followed by apparitions of trolls, dwarves and kobolds.

Muspelheim "Lava" Revealed To Be Refreshing Fruit Punch

The hellish red liquid that fills Muspelheim's lakes is actually a delicious fruit punch, says famed adventurer Midric Longstep. Visitors to the realm have long known it was possible to swim in the "lava" without being incinerated, but it wasn't until Longstep swallowed a mouthful that he discovered the truth. Midric plans to open a chain of punch stands selling the drink to the demons therein, who still don't realize it's not lava.

Boldfelag Oathbreaker Found Guilty of Breach of Contract

The 12th Circuit Court of Midgard found Arvid Uærlig, one of the so-called "Blodfelag oathbreakers" often seen near Huginfel, guilty of breach of contract in a dispute over the purchase of a horse. The court ruled that Uærlig "knowingly broke his oath to purchase the horse," and must now pay restitution. This was not Uærlig's first offense.



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