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  • Dwarf Claims to Have "Logged Out of Body" Experience
  • Mantle of Fabulosity Threatens Stability of Mob Ecosystem
  • Midgard Dungeons Under Fire for OSHA Violations
  • Muspelheim in Danger of Freezing Over, Scientist Warns
  • Mysterious Colorless Creatures Offer Clues to Our Origins
  • Raumarik Playground Overrun by Wyverns, Declared Unsafe
  • Troll Literacy Rate Rises to 3%
  • Local Troll Falls Through World, Ends Up Back in Galplen
  • Three Dead in Scuffle Over Who Pulled Wildling
  • Thor Warns of Hammer Shortage, Urges Thanes to Use Discretion
  • Spindelhalla Group Looking For Healer
  • Mularn Dwarves March to Protest Dwarf Tossing
  • Colorblind Hunter No Longer Allowed to Pull


  • Bindstone Staff to Public: "Mind Where You Bind"
  • Miserable Zombies Demand More Miserable Conditions
  • Svartalf Thralls Pioneer Chainless Technology
  • Adventurers Accuse Chain Room Management of Bait-and-Switch Tactics
  • Gothi Threaten to Strike, Demand Overtime Pay


  • Hibernian Caster Killed With Axe
  • Viking Huskarls Foil Attempt to Steal Mjollnir Faste
  • Latest Bledmeer Attack Claimed by Albion as “Revenge”
  • Ram Builders Face Inquiry: “What Are The Wheels For?”


  • Local Choreographer Developing New Dance Emotes
  • Troll Accidentally Bets Self in Card Game
  • “...And Then She Smited Me!” most popular comedy in Midgard History
  • Gjalpinulva, Legion to Hold Grudge Match to Determine “Who's the Baddest”


  • Dood, Can I Have Some Gold Plz?
  • Ask Torden
  • Remembering the Good Old Days

    Midgard Life

  • Woman Claims to Be Stalked By Ghosts
  • New Stretch Chain Armor Offers Sexy Look, Protection from Death
  • Njessi Rides Are Hottest New Attraction in Galplen
  • Botanist Attempts to Determine What Willows are Weeping, Shrieking About
  • Animal Welfare Group Urges Hunters to Only Charm Pets if They're Ready to Take Care of Them
  • Health Study Shows “Sleeping” and “Eating” May Increase Hit Points

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