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About Midgard Times

The citizens of Midgard need to know -- the news and events that affect their lives, new advances in science and technology, the latest in arts and entertainment, and of course, what's happening on the front lines of the war with Albion and Hibernia. Midgard Times delivers all that, and so much more. We will continue to bring the best newspaper in Midgard to every Norseperson, dwarf, kobold and troll in the realm, at least until our building is torn down to make way for one of those new horse parking ramps.

Midgard Times is published in downtown Jordheim, the capital city of Midgard and the center of Midgard life and culture. We publish new articles about once a week, and archive the old ones in the basement library (just ask Mrs. Wroggledrum at the desk).


<ooc> Midgard Times is a satirical newspaper based on the characters and storyline of the realm of Midgard in the massively-multiplayer role-playing game, Dark Age of Camelot. Yes, it's a joke (we hope that's obvious, but you can never tell.) Nothing in it, including events, names and ideas, should be taken seriously (except as satire), and any similarity to actual in-game events or character names is purely coincidental. Midgard Times is an independent publication, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mythic Entertainment, the creators of Dark Age of Camelot. Some images contained herein have been modified for humorous effect. We hope you find it amusing (but if you don't, please no rotten tomatoes). </ooc>


C. F. Tidskrift - Publisher
Birgit Utgiver - Editor in Chief
Hrakt Troon - Managing Editor
Erland Lederartikkel - Editorial Director
Jorquin Trundlefoot - Associate Editor
Erryn Deo - Copy Editor
Tinnit Truthseeker - Midgard News
Fridtjof Farligsynes - War Reports
Hedwig Anliggende - Business
Kaia Forlystelse - Arts/Entertainment
Haakon Livsførsel - Midgard Life
Grakt Tidyfoot - Janitor
Wrund Habbernujd - Assistant
Hallvor - Hairdresser
Plunko Ecks - In-house Activist

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