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What the FAQ?!?

We're dedicated to providing the best newspaper possible to keep Midgard well-informed. If you have questions, answers, ideas, rants, soliloquys, diatribes, asides, high praise, low praise, or some other form of feedback you think would make Midgard Times even more spectacular, please send us a note via carrier pigeon, or to (wait for it):

Midgard Times Feedback Wizard

Coming soon! A quick and easy way to tell us what you think, without all the hassle of organizing your thoughts into sentences, using punctuation or learning how to spell! If u r l33t ths iz 4 u d00d hehe k thx bye.

Feedback All-Stars

Also coming soon! We'll print the most amazing feedback we receive here, so you can see all the fantabuliferous things everyone else is saying. The best feedback wins the fabulous prize of seeing your feedback printed here. You can't win if you don't play!

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