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SPINDELHALLA - An adventuring group deep within Spindelhalla is looking for a Healer, group leader Torgrun Hooskale said today.

The group, a varied party mostly in the low 30s, was fighting ekpys scavengers when their only Healer, the dwarf Arachon, announced that he had to "go feed the kid." Arachon never returned, Hooskale said, and now the group really needs a Healer to continue.

"We were doing really great, too, Arachon kept us alive through a couple of nasty pulls," Hooskale said. "If we could get another Healer, preferably someone in the mid-30s, we'd be in great shape again. Assuming no one goes linkdead, or that idiot Hunter doesn't randomly pull a trow again."

The local ekpys sympathize with the group's situation, said Srklffdjj, one of the creatures that has frequently tussled with the group.

"We underssstand completely, and we hope they will fffind a new Healer sssoon," Srklffdjj said. "We fffeel bad attacking them when they are unable to regain their health, even though their flesssh is very tasssty."

Interested Healers are invited to send /tells to Torgrun, but should do it soon, "before our whole group breaks up, as usual."

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