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Gothi Threaten to Strike, Demand Overtime Pay

Portal transit in jeopardy? The Gothi transport a group of Midgardians to the battlefield

SVASUD FASTE - The Gothi of Midgard's portal into foreign lands announced at a press conference this morning that they may be forced to strike if their contract is not rewritten to include overtime pay.

"The Gothi are hard-working, dedicated individuals who faithfully devote their magical energy to transporting adventurers to and from the other realms every day," the group's spokesman said. "We love our work. And we deserve to compensated appropriately for that work."

The dispute arose over a clause in the contract that specifies that the Gothi must provide "frequent Service to and from the various Realms," but does not specify how often. The Gothi claim they had no idea they would be expected to transport adventurers every 15 minutes for days on end, and that their pay structure does not adequately compensate them for the volume of traffic the transit system has generated in recent months.

Stor Gothi Annark said in a statement to the press today that he would work with the Gothi to amicably resolve the dispute, and hoped he would not have to vaporize the Gothi and summon new, more loyal helpers to replace them.

"The Midgard Mass Transit System appreciates the hard work of the Gothi, and we are maintaining an open line of communication with their leadership to resolve this dispute and get the system back up to full capacity," Stor Gothi Annark said. "We have a number of exciting new initiatives in the works, including free beverage service to riders, and we look forward to providing service at the same low price of 10 silver that riders have come to expect."

"I do hope that we can resolve this peacefully, " he added. "I do have the power to transport the Gothi to the nether realms, where they will suffer unending torment as flesh-eating creatures feast on their entrails in their state of living death."

Stor Gothi Annark added that he did not intend this last statement to unduly influence the negotiations.

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