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Adventurers Accuse Chain Room Management of Bait-and-Switch Tactics

SPINDELHALLA - At a press conference this morning, a group representing adventurers in Spindelhalla publicly accused the dungeon's management of unfair trade practices, and threatened a class-action suit if the issue is not resolved.

The group claims that visitors are being lured into the the so-called "chain room" with promises of excellent chain armor drops, including the coveted Twilight Mail armor, but are instead receiving such drops as sphenes, lesser magic items and beast entrails.

"When we came down to the chain room, fighting our way past deeplurk manslayers and other foul creatures to reach the chain room, we expected to find fabulous riches, some of the best armor in Midgard for our levels," said a Thane listed among the plaintiffs. "Instead, we got these lame items we can barely even sell. We thought about complaining to the Gods on their ethereal message boards, but we decided instead to take the fight where it belongs: to the corrupt arachites and trow that are exploiting poor adventurers who want nothing more than phat loot."

Critics of the group point out that the area has been over-camped lately, and was never intended to supply all of Midgard with the sought-after purple Twilight armor, which provides excellent protection and powerful magical bonuses to boot.

"Really, they don't have a case," said Archibald Bigley, managing editor of Spindelhalla Today. "They're brazen loot farmers who want to create an endless stream of armor to their guild members and others who don't deserve it. Spindelhalla's management was wise to institute policies to prevent this type of activity, which ultimately devalues all items in the land."

Bigley eluded to the situation on sister planet Norrath, where constant "item farming" has led to plummeting prices on items that were once considered "uber." Many weapons and armor types in that world that were once rare and much-prized are now considered throwaway items, handed down to young adventurers or simply discarded on the landscape.

Spindelhalla management could not be reached for comment, as it is necessary to clear the chain room before they will spawn.

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