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Local Choreographer Developing New Dance Emotes

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Local Choreographer Developing New Dance Emotes

JORDHEIM - Midgardians aren't known for their emotions, a fact apparent in the relatively few emote actions available to them. One Jordheim Norseman is working to change that, by developing a series of new dance emotes designed to help free the Norse soul.

Today, Fernli Nimblefoot is hard at work in his studio, perfecting his most recent creation: the herligdans, a combination of pirouettes and quick steps combining ballet and traditional dance steps. It is not going well.

"What are you doing? That's all wrong, you clumsy oaf!" Nimblefoot screamed at a fetching troll as he attempted for the 83rd time to execute the complicated maneuver. "You couldn't demi-plié if your life depended on it! Which it may!" Finally losing his balance, the troll dancer collapsed, crushing several props and knocking over a rack of costumes.

If Nimblefoot is finding trolls to be less-than-ideal dancers, he is nonetheless finding considerable success in his quest to get Midgard's mojo working. His new "cha-cha," "moonwalk" and "automaton" emotes are becoming a fixture on the streets of Jordheim and Huginfel, and his experimental choreographed emotes, such as "square dance" and "the cheerleader pyramid," are a huge hit on Midgard's party scene.

"I think a lot of people were getting tired of being unable to properly express their feelings," said Nimblefoot of his new work. "We want to dance, to sing, to rejoice in life! All those big strong trolls are always trying to be so tough, but inside, they want to float like the swan."

Nimblefoot is currently developing several new dance emotes, including "the runway," "the funky chicken," and a closely-guarded secret dance he calls "Magnum." His emote "lambada" was recently banned in Jordheim for being too indecent, leading it to be dubbed "the forbidden emote."

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