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Dwarf Claims to Have "Logged Out of Body" Experience

Traveler to another world? Dwarf describes bizarre experience

VASUDHEIM - Local dwarf Durgan Hammerswing claims that he recently had a supernatural experience, in which he "logged out" of his body and connected with a strange other world.

Speaking in his Vasudheim home, where he is recovering, Hammerswing said he was peacefully sitting in a field near Mularn one afternoon, when he suddenly found himself "floating out of his body."

"Suddenly I was floating in darkness, strange scrawlings affixed in front of my eyes in some foreign language," he said, still dazed. "My name appeared among the scrawlings, along with my season and current location."

"It was then that it became truly bizarre!" he continued. "Laid out before me were fields of small pictures, depicting scrolls, boxes and cursed imagery I can scarcely describe, each with a word beneath it. Behind them was a towering image of some far off land. A sprite-like arrow flitted around above them, sometimes choosing one, which would oblige it by opening into a larger box filled with more of these 'icons.' Before long, the arrow floated over an image of a chalice, and then I felt myself floating back to the real world. I awoke unharmed, but very confused. It must have been some spoiled mead."

Hammerswing's physicans found no physical ailments, and said he should recover soon. The dwarf has pledged to stay away from mead from now on, at least until Tuesday, which he said is "drinking day."

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