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Animal Welfare Group Urges Hunters to Only Charm Pets if They're Ready to Take Care of Them

The Midgard Wildlife Foundation, an animal rights group, is urging Hunters to only charm pets if they are ready to provide them a good home, adequate attention and a satisfying life.

"There is a realm-wide tragedy occurring every day, and most Midgardians aren't even aware of it," said MWF chairdwarf Tirgin Wildsoul. "The tragedy of unwanted, unloved pets, charmed and then released back into the wild when their masters grow tired of them."

Wildsoul said that many of these charmed pets are unable to assimilate back into their packs or communities, and are left to wander the lands alone. This in turn disrupts ecosystems, she said, and can destabilize the delicate balance of wildlife in Midgard.

Moreover, Wildsoul said, many of these pets are transplanted to completely foreign locales. Anecdotal tales of giant snowcrabs charmed in the Upplands and taken to the temperate climate of Huginfel, and of fire cats taken from their native Muspelheim into Yggdra Forest, are common, she said. Unable to adjust to their new surroundings, these beasts often lash out, "aggroing on poor, unsuspecting adventurers as they rest from a recent battle with a smiera-gatto."

"The MWF does not specifically discourage the killing of wild creatures, or of the charming of pets for purposes of personal protection," Wildsoul pointed out. "It simply wishes to stop the practice of indiscriminate pet charming without regard to that animal's future. Please respect all living things, so that we may all look forward to bright future filled with wild crawly things that roam the landscape in predictable patterns, spawning and despawning for all eternity."

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