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VASUDHEIM - Tragedy struck on the outskirts of Vasudheim today, as three first-season adventurers were killed during an argument over who pulled a wildling.

According to a report filed by Vasudheim guards this afternoon, one of the young fighters cast a spell to enrage a wildling standing nearby, just as two others in the area also attempted to engage the beast, one with an arrow and another with a sword. Each believed himself to be the one to attack the wildling first, and the three began to argue loudly over who should rightfully be allowed to kill the creature.

Unfortunately for the argumentative adventurers, the wildling didn't care which one started the fight. As the three argued, the wildling attacked one of them, quickly killing him, and proceeded to attack and kill the second as well. The third, suddenly realizing what was happening, tried to defend himself, but realized he had dropped his weapon in the scuffle. The wildling cut him down as he fled, and then wandered back into the forest.

The trio continued to argue after being reincarnated, and each appealed to the Gods for relief before leaving in disgust.

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