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Angry and Confused Troll Skald Groog at a loss for why he's in Galplen

GALPLEN - Rushing through the halls of Varulvhamn to follow his group yesterday, troll Skald Groog fell through the world, and suddenly found himself back in Galplen, his last bind point.

"Groog very angry! Want kill somebuddy!" the troll exclaimed upon finding himself back in Galplen, according to bystanders. After looking around to regain his bearings, Groog then ran off in the general direction of Varulvhamn, mumbling something about "probly get clomped by stoopid wolvy peeple on way back."

His adventuring party, which didn't notice he was gone until minutes later, speculated that the accident must have been due to a loophole left by the Gods when they created the dungeon.

"I've seen that happen before, though never to anyone in my group," said Shadowblade Qrdl Xerfln of the incident. "We usually are careful to avoid those spots, but Groog isn't too bright. It's OK, he was kind of getting in the way anyway."

Groog was last seen in the vicinity of Vanern Swamp, asking passers-by if they knew how to get to "big wolvy peeple place."

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