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SPINDELHALLA - After pulling several dangerous creatures far too powerful for his group to handle and killing the entire group three times, kobold Hunter Joonun Farshot will no longer be allowed to pull, his group announced today.

It wasn't until after the party had died twice that Farshot admitted he could not discern the difference between an "orange" creature and a "purple" one, the group said. Nonetheless, Farshot insisted he could discern the difference by smell, and proceeded to pull a hulking beast upon the group, which promptly dissected the adventurers before dozing off next to their corpses.

The group's leader, a Warrior named Krondol, finally made the decision that someone else should pull for the group. "Looking back, I should really have taken Joonun's garish, clashing outfit as a warning sign," Krondol said. "I guess I assumed that he just had no taste. Then he pulled the entire svartalf camp on us, and I started to wonder. I won't make that mistake again. Joonun isn't allowed to move."

The party went so far as to demand Joonun relinquish his bow or face expulsion from the group, a threat from which the group later backed down. The kobold will remain with the group from now on while Tyrnal the Thane pulls, or until Joonun gets frustrated and leaves the group, which Krondol considers very likely.

"He's one of those kiddies who gets bored if he's not constantly doing something, so we figure he'll probably leave, get killed two minutes later, and quit," he said. "That's what we're hoping, anyway."

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