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Njessi Rides Are Hottest New Attraction in Galplen

Whoa, Njessi! A lucky Norseman takes a ride on the famous lizard

GALPLEN - Swimming back and forth in the fog-covered lake just west of Galplen, sticking her head up out of the water to greet tourists and amaze onlookers, Njessi the sea creature has become the hottest new attraction in this Myrkwood outpost.

It was not so long ago that Njessi was the most feared creature in the Galplen area, striking fear in the hearts of noble adventurers and sending a few hapless souls to the bottom of her lake. Local lore suggested she was sent by the gods to punish Galplen for its well-known hubris, or was perhaps a relic of a time when large green lizards ruled the world. As Midgard learned last year, however, it turned out she was just lonely.

The woman credited with bringing out Njessi's good side is Lorrelie Tyrngwrd, longtime Galplen resident and now director of Njessi's Sea World, Ltd. Swimming across the lake toward Gna Faste one morning, Tyrngwrd suddenly found herself face to face with the huge aquatic beast. Rather than panicking and swimming like mad, however, she just stared back at her.

"I looked into her eyes, and I could tell she just wanted someone to play with," said Tyrngwrd. "Most people run in terror from Njessi. Unfortunately, she just interprets that as playing, and she chases after them. She especially enjoys blowing kisses at them, but sadly, with her flaming breath, that usually ends badly."

Tyrngwrd was able to teach Njessi tricks, and to not kill the townsfolk, and soon the lake lizard was even giving rides to local children. Intruiged with the possibilities, Tyrngwrd decided to open a water theme park with Njessi as the star, giving Njessi plenty of food and exercise as well as a steady supply of playmates. With only a handful of horrible drownings and char-broilings a month, the park has become Galplen's hottest attraction.

If the park is a success, Tyrngwrd says she may consider opening new animal-related attractions elsewhere in Midgard.

"I think I could teach the giant snowcrabs to dance," Tyrngwrd said. "I may also try an orm rodeo, and we're in discussions with Gjalpinulva's people about a turning Malmohus into a werewolf theme park, but he keeps insisting on eating everyone who comes in, so that may not work out."

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