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Svartalf Thralls Pioneer Chainless Technology

SPINDELHALLA - Svartalfs, One True Race of Dark Elves and slavers since the dawning of time, announced today the much-anticipated Chainless Shackle At the 67th annual Slavers Convention and Expo in Spindelhalla this week.

"The Chainless Shackles provide revultionary chainless way to restrain slaves," said Delvath, Svartalf Foreman and head of technology development for Svaftalfs. "I expect every Thrall and Foreman to be carrying one by the end of the year."

"It's really revolutionary," said slave owner Smugrath Glurr. "I'm tired of all these chains cluttering up my slaving pits. Now, I don't have to worry. There's no clutter, and I don't have to worry about tripping or my slaves hanging themselves with the chains."

Surprisingly, even Glurr's slaves, condemned to a life of back-breaking labor with only a slim chance of escape, agree.

"It's almost pleasant having the Chainless Shackles attached to my legs," said Slave 23838-J, as he attacked a rock wall to release the ore hidden within. "It's so light, I can slave all day! Well, in all honesty, I had to slave all day before, and sometimes all night too, and when those... oh, yes, yes, sorry Master, back to work!"

The slave later added that if only those Svartalfs would invent a whipless whip, his life would be much easier.

Chainless Shackles are expected to retail for 49g 99s and should be available by the end of the Season.

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