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Mysterious Colorless Creatures Offer Clues to Our Origins

White lion? A rare glimpse of one of the snowy creatures

Midgard biologists believe that rare white animals sometimes seen across the countryside may be a "missing link" to the world of ancient Midgard.

The creatures, seen by few and unbeknownst to most Midgardians, look like modern-day beasts except for their skin, which is a stark white devoid of any features. Scientists believe that all life in Midgard once existed in this "skinless" state, and these creatures may offer clues as to how we evolved.

"These being exist in a pure, primordial state," said Tronn Flinkbukser, head of the Institute for Wildlife Studies. "Their forms consist solely of the simple building blocks, or 'polygons' if you will, of life. It is as though they were accidentally placed here before the gods had given them their skins. They are truly fascinating."

Flinkbukser believes that all life on Midgard may once have existed in this state, and that he hopes to further study the white creatures, if his team can capture one in the wild.

"Not only are they extremely rare, but they have been known to disappear before one's eyes, making their capture extremely difficult," Flinkbukser said. "It is also clear that capturing normal animals and removing their skins by hand is not helpful, as they are usually just full of blood and guts and entrails. While this may be tasty, it does not advance science."

Anyone spotting such an animal is encouraged to contact the IWS immediately. A small reward is being offered, but Flinkbukser was reluctant to name the price.

"We don't want people coming in here with painted wildlings and bleached badgers again, looking for handouts," he said. "If it wasn't white when you found it, it's not what we're looking for."

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