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Latest Bledmeer Attack Claimed by Albion as “Revenge”

BLEDMEER FASTE - An Albion group calling itself Sword of Freedom claimed responsibility for yesterday's assault on Bledmeer Faste, which resulted in several dead and the loss of the keep to the enemy realm. A spokesperson for the group claimed in a written statement that the attack was "revenge" for recent attacks on Albion keeps by Midgard forces.

"This attack shall show Midgard once and for all that it cannot attack our lands without consequences," said the statement. "It is Midgard who is the aggressor, we are merely defending ourselves. Not until Midgard halts its unprovoked incursions into Albion will any Midgardian be safe in the frontier."

A spokesdwarf for Might of Midgard, a local guild, scoffed at the statement's claims in a Jordheim tavern this afternoon.

"Preposterous! Those murderous heathens are the ones who started this whole mess!" said the dwarf. "Our recent attacks on their keeps were in direct retaliation for the massacre only weeks ago in Hadrian's Wall. Everyone knows this. We will have their heads!"

An editorial in the Albion Reporter this week addressed that very claim, calling it "the usual Norse line of striking first and asking questions later."

"Ask any Saracen or Highlander in the land and you'll get the same answer: the attacks in Hadrian's Wall were self-defense, a clear and unequivocal response to the theft of our sacred Scabbard of Excalibur, the relic from which our very essence derives. The daily grief and suffering of our people in its absence drove us to fight back against the abominable thieves who soiled this precious artifact with their blasphemous hands."

But Fein Quarternon, a professor of Intrarealm Studies at Jordheim University, finds fault with the logic of the editorial.

"It's the sort of thing we expect to hear coming from them, but this particular editorial was especially repugnant," Quarternon said. "Have they actually forgotten that we took possession of their relic only after losing our own beloved Horn of Valhalla to them only days earlier? Albion continues to cut down our people wherever they find them, with no regard for what is right or true. They must be stopped, and if their blood spills across the plain, it is by their own actions that it is so."

However, propaganda leaflets found in a captured Albion keep last month suggest that Albion's theft of the Midgard relic was seen as a response to increased sniping in the Albion frontier.

"Stout warriors of the great realm of Albion, the time has come to avenge the foul actions of Midgard," read the leaflet. "The felling of our people by invisible kobold snipers has gone on far too long. We must avenge their deaths now, by taking the source of Midgard's power: their relics! By sapping their strength, we will prevent their evil armies from taking more of our lives!"

Zorde Trueshot, a kobold Hunter well-known for his sharpshooting, has read the leaflets, and he isn't surprised.

"They can't stand it when we defend ourselves," Trueshot said. "Their casters rampage across the land, raining down fire and brimstone on our warriors while they are unable to fight back. They send wave after wave of robed murderers after us every time we encounter them. I am proud to be able to take out a few of them with my trusty bow and a bit of luck. But it can't bring back to life the charred remains of my friends and countrymen."

There have not yet been any announcements of a Midgard response to the Bledmeer attack, but one is expected soon. Many Midgardians believe that, since the next counterattack will finally even the score, there may be a cessation of the recent violence. Read the Midgard Times for further developments.

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