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Miserable Zombies Demand More Miserable Conditions

Zombies on Strike Union says they won't feast on brains of the living until demands are met

YGGDRA FOREST - The moaning undead are a fixture of this desolate land of unending winter. But today, an altogether different sort of moaning can be heard issuing forth from the camp where they congregate -- the rhythmic chanting of unrest.

Miserable Zombie Union Local 282 has gone on strike, claiming that while the conditions in Midgard are bad, they clearly could be much worse. Marching in circles around the secluded undead camp, some carrying picket signs, the zombies are refusing to kill passing travelers until their demands are met.

"Our demands are simple. We need harsher climates, more devastating storms and greater snowfall in Yggdra," said zombie union head Wrrr, speaking through a translator, as the zombies are unable to speak intelligibly. "And if there's any way our eternal souls can be more tormented and bathed in greater amounts of agony and despair, that would be good too."

With catchy rhythmic slogans such as "Rggflx Bwgrt Xzxxl Prnn!" and "Vrmjt Vrmjt Vrmjt," the union has inspired sympathy strikes from many of the other undead across Midgard. A spokesghost for Myrkwood Undead United said that haunts and spooks in the area would strike to draw support for the cause, and wraiths and wights in Raumarik said they may also join the strike to protest new amenities recently introduced there.

Not all the Midgard undead are joining the fight, however. Most dirges from Svealand to the frontier are refusing to recognize the action, claiming that Midgard has worked hard to create an terrible environment for the undead, and that they will continue to accost passers-by during the strike.

The zombies will continue to strike until conditions worsen, or until all of them are destroyed by adventurers, as the respawned zombies will probably forget all about the strike.

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