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New Stretch Chain Armor Offers Sexy Look, Protection from Death

The buzz started on the fashion runways of Nalliten, quickly spread to the nightclubs of Huginfel, and can now be seen walking the streets of Jordheim.

Stretch chain armor is here, and the fashion world may never be the same.

The technology behind the new fashion armor, originally developed by the hobgoblins for fishing nets, was adapted by fashion auteur Horgrove into several accessories that premiered at last year's Fashion and Smashin' Ball. This spring, Horgrove is introducing his first full chain line, in a variety of hues expected to set the Midgard fashion elite ablaze with excitement.

"It's fun and breezy, it's very sexy, it has such a beautiful flow," said Midgard Vogue editor Helena Måte at a recent press event. "You can wear it alone, or accessorize it with a sword and shield to add an adventurous flair. Plus it protects the wearer from being sliced to pieces by swords or claws. It is truly the look that will define the realm."

Orders for stretch chain are already pouring in from around Midgard, and the waiting list is now months long. Some Jordheim boutiques are reporting violent clashes over the last available pieces of the armor, which now fetch hundreds of gold at the most upscale outlets.

Asked about rumors that Horgrove has hired underage tomtes at his factories to churn out the garments faster, his spokesman replied, "Such claims are outrageous and offensive. Horgrove's standards are extremely high, and his garments are not easy to make. We only employ tomtes who swear they are at least teenagers, though we really can't tell, as they all sort of look the same."

Horgrove has announced plans for a fall line of men's tailored chain trousers and jackets, for the discerning gentleman adventurer.

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