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Bindstone Staff to Public: "Mind Where You Bind"

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Bindstone Staff to Public: "Mind Where You Bind"

A Binding Problem Local residents and their bindstone

Local citizens and merchants say they have had enough of our citizens binding on roofs, in stables, and on top of our sacred bindstones. A coalition of local business leaders has initiated new public awareness program encouraging citizens to be more responsible in where they bind.

Sponsored by Bindstone Janitors Local 271, Concerned Citizens For A Tidy Huginfel and the Mularn Jaycees, the program kicked off today with events at all eight of the realms bindstones.

The "Mind Where You Bind" program is designed to cut down on the ecological and social costs associated with the locations of bindstones. Dwarf Healer Snirni, head of the program, said few people understand what it takes to maintain a bindstone.

"There be thousands of warriors being summoned back to life every hour," Snirni said. "A day’s total of sweat, spit and entrails from these guys can fill three carts! They show up on buildings, in the stable, in houses, and on top of the sacred stone its self! Not one cleans up after his self!"

It is estimated that just cleaning the footprints off a bindstone costs the realm more than fifty platinum a year. Adding to that the cost of re-thatching roofs, chasing down spooked horses and cleaning the armor of surprised young warriors, the cost of a bindstone climbs above 600 platnum a year, according to "Mind Where You Bind" organizers.

But piles of platinum aren’t the only cost of careless binding -- there are social costs as well. Durlinda, an elder troll who lives near the Galplen bindstone, says she doesn’t get a moment's peace.

"Dem youngins binding everywhere," the old troll said. "In me kitchen, in me Room Of Private Things, in me mold garden… I can't do nuttin without one or two popping back to life and trampling up me purtty things. Dey got no respect for purty things."

Local merchants, who are generally thought to benefit from the increased traffic of a bindstone, have also joined in the call for responsible binding.

"Just earlier today I was handing a new sword over to a promising Shadowblade," said Huginfel weaponcrafter Jiles Trimbon. "And he was handing me some coin, when a Skald just appeared between us. The next thing I know he’s got my sword and the Shadowblade’s money and running away at top speed!"

Others have complained that it’s almost impossible to purchase a ticket out of Huginfel because of all the people coming back to life near Wolgrum. A representative of the Healers Union was not available for comment.

Events at the Bindstones will continue through next Friday, after which "discreet and appropriate" signs will be posted near the holy relics to remind us all to "Mind Where You Bind."

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