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“...And Then She Smited Me!” most popular comedy in Midgard History

JORDHEIM - Hugglegluk and Snurt's stage farce, "...And Then She Smited Me!" has taken the realm by storm. Packing the seats of the Jordheim's Wyvern Snout Theater ever since it opened last Season, the play is the most popular show in the history of Jordheim theater, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The fast-paced comedy follows the troll Skald Gorlg (nimbly played by Bashnakk) on his adventures, as he becomes enthralled on the battlefield with Lady Winchell, a beautiful Highlander Cleric (played with a riotous accent by huntress Alinorre Trewynd). He pursues the beauty into strange and enemy lands, taking on more and more outrageous costumes, disguises and excuses to get closer to the woman he loves.

Although the humor can be coarse at times (for example, when the lonely Gorlg "enjoys" a keg of warm honey mead), the show never fails to bring down the house, requiring theater owners to keep a staff of construction trolls on had at all times to rescue the audience and rebuild the stage before the next performance.

The show's popularity is clear in the shops and on the paths of Midgard. Many times a day, an agile ear can hear the words "And then she smited me!" shouted as the punch line to some unheard joke, followed by raucous laughter. It's almost expected for at least one party member to mutter the words after a total party wipeout, resulting in sore giggles from the party's corpses.

According to experts, even though the title is grammatically incorrect, it strikes a chord with current tensions with Albion. "The subject of a troll being enthralled with our hated, eternal enemy breaks through boundaries most Midgadians are reluctant to address -- with hilarious consequences," says Himboll Durcond, a political scientist who has seen the show more than a dozen times.

Considering the rest of the offerings of the theatrical season, "...And Then She Smited Me!" has an almost certain lock on the prestigious Skaldie awards, with the only other competition being the drama "Frigg's Antidote," which has received critical acclaim but small audiences.

"...And Then She Smited Me!" plays three performances a day at the Wyvern Snout Theater in downtown Jordheim. Tickets are 28g to 65g and are available at the box office the day of the show.

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