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Woman Claims to Be Stalked By Ghosts

Spooky Stalkers Are ghosts really following this kobold?

FORT ALTA - Lillin Grønsakker doesn't like ghost stories. At least not since last spring, when, according to the terrified kobold, they started coming true.

"It all began a few months ago," explained Grønsakker, sitting in an Alta cafe in a rare moment of peace. "My mother passed away last year, and I was going through some of her old things when I found a strange book. It was very dusty, but I could make out some sort of strange symbols on the cover. Inside were some sort of incantations... I didn't understand what they meant, but I tried to pronounce them anyway. I thought perhaps they would help explain a part of my mother's life I never knew."

Instead, the incantations brought to life terrifying apparitions that followed her everywhere she went.

"The first one was a troll," Grønsakker said. "It just stood there in my living room, staring at me. It looked like any of the trolls you see around the countryside, in battle gear, with an axe in his hand... but you could see right through him. I screamed when I saw it, but it didn't seem to mean any harm."

However, when she left the house to escape, the spirit followed her, first to the center of town, then to the outskirts, and into an outlying area. Grønsakker was so terrified of the ghost chasing her that she walked right into the path of two vicious huldu, who immediately set upon her.

"I thought for sure all was lost," she said. "But much to my surprise, this strange spirit rushed to my aid, quickly slaying the foul beasts that had attacked me. It seemed to want to protect me."

The troll spirit was gone by the next morning. Curious, Grønsakker read another of the incantations aloud, and another ghostly figure appeared, this time a dwarven warrior. Equally scared and intruiged, she again ran out of town and down the road toward the nearby outpost, followed by the otherworldly dwarf. When she encountered a small hill cat near the road, the spirit attacked, killing the cat. She soon found that she could actually command the spirit to attack anything she wanted, with a wave of her hand.

"I now believe that these were spirits my mother used for her protection," Grønsakker said. "If I could learn to call them at will and control them, I might even become an adventurer, like I read about in books. I could become some sort of 'spirit master,' roaming the land in search of adventure!"

However, Grønsakker said she has a lot of work to do around Fort Alta, and may just use the spirits to help her with laundry and planting the garden.

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