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Local Choreographer Developing New Dance Emotes

A Jordheim dance instructor is working to develop a series of new dance emotes designed to help free the Norse soul.

Troll Accidentally Bets Self in Card Game
Playing a high-stakes card game for the first time late last night, Veldon troll Korblook lost himself in the card game after he accidentally added himself to the pot when raising a bet.

“...And Then She Smited Me!” most popular comedy in Midgard History
If you havne't been to Jorheim's Wyvern Snout Theater this season, you're the only one!

Gjalpinulva, Legion to Hold Grudge Match to Determine “Who's the Baddest”
"A dragon and a demon -- the whole house will be screamin'!" says promoter Djonn Kingg of the bout intended to settle the epic score.

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