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Bindstone Staff to Public: "Mind Where You Bind"

Local citizens and merchants have had enough of our soldiers binding on roofs, in stables, and on top of our sacred bindstones.

A Binding Problem Local residents and their bindstone

Miserable Zombies Demand More Miserable Conditions
Zombie union claims that while conditions are bad in Midgard, they could clearly be much worse -- says they won't feast on brains of the living until demands are met

Svartalf Thralls Pioneer Chainless Technology
Svartalfs, One True Race of Dark Elves and slavers since the dawning of time, announced today the much-anticipated Chainless Shackle At the 67th annual Slavers Convention and Expo in Spindelhalla this week.

Adventurers Accuse Chain Room Management of Bait-and-Switch Tactics
A group representing Spindelhalla adventurers threatens to sue over alleged unfair trade practices in the Myrkwood dungeon.

Gothi Threaten to Strike, Demand Overtime Pay
The Gothi of Svasud Faste announced at a press conference this morning that they may be forced to strike if their contract is not rewritten to include overtime pay.

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