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Woman Claims to Be Stalked By Ghosts

Terrified Fort Alta resident Lillin Grønsakker believes she is being followed by apparitions of trolls, dwarves and kobolds.

Spooky Stalkers Are ghosts really following this kobold?

New Stretch Chain Armor Offers Sexy Look, Protection from Death
"It's fun and breezy, it's very sexy, it has such a beautiful flow," said Midgard Vogue editor Helena Måte. "It is truly the look that will define the realm."

Njessi Rides Are Hottest New Attraction in Galplen
Swimming back and forth in the fog-covered lake just west of Galplen, sticking her head up out of the water to greet tourists and amaze onlookers, Njessi the sea creature has become the hottest new attraction in this Myrkwood outpost.

Botanist Attempts to Determine What Willows are Weeping, Shrieking About
Intrigued by a question that has perplexed Myrkwood residents for ages, botanist Horbonn Greenthumbs has set out to find out why the willows of the forest make so much noise.

Animal Welfare Group Urges Hunters to Only Charm Pets if They're Ready to Take Care of Them
The Midgard Wildlife Foundation, an animal rights group, is urging Hunters to only charm pets if they are ready to provide them a good home, adequate attention and a satisfying life.

Health Study Shows “Sleeping” and “Eating” May Increase Hit Points
A new study suggests that consuming foodstuffs, or "eating," and lying prone in an unconscious state, or "sleeping," may provide increased hit points, a heightened state of alertness and a general feeling of well-being.

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