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Dwarf Claims to Have "Logged Out of Body" Experience

Vasudheim dwarf Durgan Hammerswing claims that he recently had a supernatural experience, in which he "logged out" of his body and connected with a strange other world.

Traveler to another world? Dwarf describes bizarre experience

Mantle of Fabulosity Threatens Stability of Mob Ecosystem
Sparhath, a powerful Norseman Warrior, recently discovered a magic item so powerful it may upset the balance of life in Midgard and disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the realm's creatures.

Midgard Dungeons Under Fire for OSHA Violations
After months of complaints from dungeon workers, Midgard authorities have initiated an investigation into several dungeons for possible safety code violations.

Muspelheim in Danger of Freezing Over, Scientist Warns
The cause may be offhand comment of Haggerfell dwarf, who boasted he would be killed by Gokstorm "when Muspelheim freezes over."

Mysterious Colorless Creatures Offer Clues to Our Origins
Midgard biologists believe that rare white animals sometimes seen across the countryside may be a "missing link" to the world of ancient Midgard.

Raumarik Playground Overrun by Wyverns, Declared Unsafe
The Raumarik Community Playground, once a winter wonderland for children from as far away as Galplen, has been overrun by vicious wyverns, forcing authorities to declare it unsafe.

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