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Hibernian Caster Killed With Axe

If true, watershed event would confirm long-held theory: Hibernian mages can, in fact, be killed in hand-to-hand combat.

Viking Huskarls Foil Attempt to Steal Mjollnir Faste
Unable to invade the keep housing Midgard's prized Thor's Hammer late last night, a large group of Hibernians picked up Mjollnir Faste and nearly ran away with it, before being crushed under its tremendous weight.

Latest Bledmeer Attack Claimed by Albion as “Revenge”
Albion group claims responsibility, says the attack was "revenge" for recent attacks on Albion keeps

Ram Builders Face Inquiry: “What Are The Wheels For?”
A council was held today in Svasud Faste to address why builders of siege rams continue to craft wheels for their weapons even though the rams cannot move.

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